I was the lucky one to enjoy an amazing body scrub in London on Monday. I was offered this beauty treatment by Sheer Bliss and “Book Your Lifestyle” (read about my previous experience with the company here) and this offer came very much on time as the same night I was attending Universal Music Brit Awards Nominees party with VIP guests like Nick Grimshaw, Jonas Blue, and other music industry professionals.

As soon as I arrived at the Sheer Bliss salon, I was nicely greeted at the reception. My beautician escorted me to the warm room, told me about the treatment and helped to prepare. She put on relaxing piano music and made sure I felt comfortable. The only light in the room came from Himalayan Salt lamp that instantly got my attention. I’ve heard about the benefit of this lamp before but never tried it. The light was definitely relaxing. Beautician scrubbed my body and massaged it while answering my questions about the beauty. Later I had a shower and washed all the scrub off. When I came back to the room, the lovely lady did spread the cream all over my body and massaged it again. It felt amazing. My body was soft and felt extra clean. In the end, I received a complimentary facial mask to prepare my face for the makeup as I shared my joy about the upcoming event I was attending.


Sheer Bliss is a lovely salon in Dalston that offers various body treatments including massages, facials, hair styling to mention a few for a very reasonable price. You can easily book your treatment through Book Your Lifestyle.

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