With a Winter holiday on the horizon, I was in need of hair removal for my legs, step in Sheer Bliss London. My usual form of hair removal has always been a bit of a mixture (I know this is not good), but I had never tried waxing. Yes, l was a certified waxing virgin!

Upon arrival at Sheer Bliss London, I was shown straight away to my treatment room. No fuss, no waiting, which I really liked. One thing I dislike about salons is no matter what time you arrive for your appointment, you are always made to wait. Not so good for a busy city gal.

The room was elegant with a scent which smelt like heaven. A light smell, not too overbearing and the temperature was great, considering the blistering cold weather outside.

My therapist, began by asking me a few questions about my waxing/shaving history and what I wanted out of the experience whilst I was sat comfortably on the treatment bed. Still a bit of a nervous wreck, she made me feel at ease and stated that the wax that was going to be used was Tea Tre Wax.

“Tea Tree wax is gentle on the skin and helps to prevent ingrown hairs. Great for stubborn, tougher hairs with less reaction after waxing. Tea Tree is a natural antiseptic and there are many benefits” she said.

With that in mind I laid back and hoped the experience would not push my slightly low tolerance to pain to the point of tears.

My therapist then began to spread the low-temperature hot wax, which was surprisingly soothing and not at all what I thought. (I was imagining a burning sensation from the wax). The wax was over in no time and my therapist did an amazing job and has successfully converted me to waxing. I will never go back to shaving/cream again. What was even better was that my hairs were pretty short and the wax managed to take off the slightly stubborn stubble left from shaving.

The result I was left completely hairless and my wax was virtually pain free. And the best part!, my leg hair will gradually become finer with further waxing sessions, which is perfect!

By Sunny Sahota

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