Ahhh, pigmentation, the barer of problems for the skin, whatever your age. Be it derived from acne breakouts from your younger years (my issue), to sun damage, to genetics or product side effects, the principles the same, pigmentation is ANNOYING!
As olive toned, with dark hair, pigmentation on me is very visible and difficult sometimes to conceal, unless I literally lather on foundation. Not a great look for me, as I like a dewier and more natural look, which full coverage foundations are not the best at achieving, no matter how much MAC Fix Plus Dewy spray I drench my skin in.

In order to solve the problem, I took the initiative to invest more in my skin care rather than these heavy-duty concealers and foundations, that actually clogged more pores and left my skin in poorer health. Step in Sheer Bliss.

After an initially consultation at Sheer Bliss London, about my skin concerns, I explained my issues with pigmentation and I was recommend to have the Guerlain Galvanic treatment that would help in restoring the lost glow on my skin and help erase the blasted darker areas that were concentred around my chin and my cheeks.

Guerlain Galvanic treatment is also known as galvanic therapy or iontophoresis works well to address pigmentation, restore your skins natural glow and generally help tone and add vitality to the skin. It even helps in smoothening out wrinkles to help turn back the ageing process. Now for the technical part, the Galvanic treatment works by generating a soft and low-intensity current through the inner layers of your skin with the help of special sophisticated machinery filled with charged gel.
It nourishes your skin from deep within and gives it a boost of oxygen so that your skin does not look dull, hallaluyah !!!!. Also, after undergoing the treatment all your other skincare products are absorbed well by your skin and their results are maximized as well. This was a key factor for me as I have invested in some Vitamin C serum to help with my pigmentation problems, and I was assured that this would work more effectively after the treatment.

This simple electron repulsion skin treatment is ideal also treating hyperpigmentation as it carries active age-fighting and pigment controlling skin ingredients deep into your skin where it modifies your skin cells. Guerlain Galvanic treatment has a soothing and calming effect on the skin and also helps in reducing the sensitivity, redness, and irritation.

Galvanic treatment basically works in two steps:
1. Desincrustation:
This step facilitates deep pore cleansing; emulsifies sebum, removes surface oiliness, blockage and helps in regulating oil secretion in your glands. This process is carried out by creating a galvanic current to create a chemical reaction in the layers of your skin which helps in emulsifying and liquefying sebum and debris. It is the first or negatively charged cycle in which a negatively charged pre-treatment gel is used to cover the area of your skin which is to be treated after which the machine is moved over it smoothly.

2. Iontophoresis:
Being the second step of galvanic treatment, positive charge is made to penetrate the positively charged anti-ageing components into the deep layers of your facial skin where they work to restore your youthful skin and make it bright and clear. You may be made to apply a nutrient rich facial mask before the treatment which will act as both a conductor for the electrical current and a way to deliver key vitamins directly to the deep layers of your skin.

The results of my Guerlain Galvanic treatment was breath-taking. My skin was markedly less pigmentated and certainly was more toned and lifted. (an extra benefit). Even a week after the treatment, my skin had an inner glow, and as the therapist suggested, my skincare products were working better as my skin is softer and less marked than ever before.
I am booking another appointment for 4 weeks’ time, to ensure I try to completely rid myself of pigmentation of the skin at Sheer Bliss London. I am looking forward to the treatment and of course the delicious cappuccino that I always have ready for me before any treatments at Sheer Bliss London… love you girls!

Sunny xx

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