Bye Bye pigmentation and hair. Laser Hair Removal at Sheer Bliss London

by Sunny Sahota

As olive toned in complexion with thick dark hair, removal has always been a struggle for me. Shaving was a nightmare as it was a daily struggle that left my legs prickly if I didn’t shave with a number of ‘black dot like’ marks on my skin. Not a good look, when you are trying to look cute in a dress. Waxing was a struggle for me too, as you have to let the hair grow before waxing, which I didn’t like doing. Also, with very sensitive skin, waxing always left my skin really irritated and ‘blotchy’ and in the summer after waxing, my legs just looked really irritated. Alas, a friend recommended that I tried Laser Hair Removal as a means to get rid of the unwanted hair, virtually permanently, without the side effects of blotchy skin!

I booked myself into Sheer Bliss London, as a bid to help me start the course to beautiful, hair free legs, as a friend recommended them to me, as a cheap but effective way to do laser hair removal. Sheer Bliss London have the very best Laser Hair Removal systems, the Soprano Ice Platinum, that has been heralded as the best apparatus to get rid of unwanted hair as it works on darker skin tones like mine.

I was first asked to do a patch test, which would ensure that I have no side effects to the treatment. Thankfully, I didn’t, and booked myself in at the next available slot. Upon consultation, I was advised that I would need 6 treatments in order for me to see maximum results, which I was happy with, as the timeline was realistic and in the meantime I would experience less and less hair. Sounded Great!

The first area that I tried was my legs, and after the second treatment I must clarify that my legs have never felt smoother in my life! And to add, the pigmentation that I had on my skin is starting to disappear which I am really happy about. I can finally see smooth legs that look super sexy! Now I’m just hoping for us to have a bit of sunshine again so I can get my legs out lol.

The treatment is literally pain-free and takes around 30 minutes for a full leg. At the moment Sheer Bliss London have a special off of £99 for one hour of treatment in multiple areas.

I will be returning back with another blog, as now that I am happy with the results of Laser Hair removal on my legs, I am keen to do the bikini line… Watch this space!

Sunny xx

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