Lushes Lashes with LVL at Sheer Bliss London


By Sunny Sahota

Thicker, longer and curled lashes from the moment you wake up, without falsies? Sounds impossible? No way. Say help to LVL Lashes’ available at Sheer Bliss London that will leave you with lushes lashes.
As a virgin to LVL I was a little nervous at first, but during my patch test that must be carried out at least 24 hours before treatment, the beautician rested me assure, that my lashes will not only be healthier as no mascara is really required after the treatment, but no damage will occur to my own lashes. Great! Instead I will be left with stunning lashes for around 6 weeks with little to no maintenance required.

The Treatment
The whole treatment lasts around 1 hour, however it usually takes around 45 minutes but I have dark thick lashes already, and therefore more time was required. The procedure basically curls and tints your lashes with various bonding gels to leave you with beautifully dark and curled lashes. As a bit of a wimp, no pain was occurred, and it was actually less irritating that I previously imagined. Just a little uncomfortable towards the end of the treatment, but I think this was due to me wanting to open my eyes and see what my lushes looked like lol.
Nouveau Lashes were the original pioneers of this style of treatment, creating a procedure that enhances the natural lashes of those that just need a boost. If you’re looking to book in though, ensure that you head to an official Nouveau Lashes approved salon for the treatment, like Sheer Bliss London, as otherwise the results may not be quite the same.

Step By Step guide
Firstly, your lashes are cleansed with eye makeup remover and cotton pads, just to remove any eye makeup that you have on and any debris, followed by cleansing.

With the shields applied, the treatment then begins. The beautician then applied a light layer of bonding gel to the shield before using a small metal tool to press the eyelashes back onto the bonding gel. This gently pulls each of your eyelashes backwards to stick them to the shield – forming the curve. I opted for the medium curl, as I like to have a natural look.

With all of the lashes neatly bonded in place, the beautician then applies a Lifting balm. The balm breaks down the disulphide bonds in the hair, that determines their shape. The Lifting gel is applied to the eyelashes near to, but not onto the wet line of the eye. The gel is left on the eyelashes between 10 and 14 minutes depending on the hair type. With thick dark hair, mine was left on for 14 minutes.

With the Lifting Gel removed, the next treatment is the Volumising Fix. A yellow cream that is applied in the same way, this time to repair the disulphide bonds in the lashes, fixing them into place in the shape you want them. This is left on the lashes for 7 minutes.

And this step, the tinting process begins. Tinting the lashes gives them a greater depth of colour – turning blonde or brown lashes into a permanently dark and fluttery look. I already have dark lashes, and therefore I was told to have blue/black, to further enhance my lashes. Nice!

A moisturising Serum is then applied onto the lashes, to ease the lashes away from the bonding gel on the shield. This also helps to re-nourish the lashes after the treatment.

The result! Well amazing lashes! A must have treatment

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