My experience with LPG Body Contouring at Sheer Bliss London

By Sunny Sahota

Tone up, reduce sagging skin and lose stubborn fat, without moving an inch? Sounds like a dream? we are not joking, it is possible with the LPG Endermologie treatment, available at Sheer Bliss London. If you book throughout the month of January, you also get 20% OFF all courses. Another incentive to book straight away.

My problems
I am pretty petite in size, however I do have a bit of cellulite around my bum and thighs, that I wanted to get rid of. A girlfriend of mine recommended LPG, and I was drawn to the treatment as it is a 100% natural French technology that has been around for decades and is popular even with many celebrities, thus I thought I would give it a whirl. I was also told that not only will it help me combat cellulite, it would also help me tone and help me lose a couple of inches, so on that note, I thought I would book immediately. Several benefits in one treatment, need I say more.

In my case cellulite is yet another issue the beauty-conscious modern woman is worried about. You can have it irrespective of your weight and build. In fact, cellulite is so common that around 80 to 90 percent of women have it.

What is LPG Endermologie?
Enermologie is a completely non-aggressive, anti-ageing, and works to contour, firm and tighten skin complexion where cellulite is present. In a nutshell, it is often described as a mini gym workout that targets hard to reach areas, with visible results being seen and felt, almost after the first treatment.

How does LPG Endermologie work?
Firstly, you are required to wear a bodysuit, that acts as a grip to the Endermologie massage head, and also acts to protect your skin. The Endermologie technician then begins the treatment by manoeuvring a massage head over the area that you are having treated. In my case this was my legs and my buttocks. The technician then circulates and moves the massage head over the area treat in order to successfully fold and unfold the skin.

The science part …
These massages cause the density of the tissue to change, improving the cellular and fluid exchanges. Excess fluids and unhealthy metabolites disappear. Tissues become transformed, and the result is a thinner dermis and hypodermis. Lipolysis begins, further prompting the thinning of the hypodermis, along with the reshaping of the silhouette. At the same time, tissue is completely restructured through evacuation of water and release of waste. The result are firmer, tighter and smoother skin.

Does it hurt?
I personally found the treatment to be virtually pain free, however, I believe that in some people, they felt a light pulsating push, that wasn’t harsh, and completely bearable. However, in my case, as I know I have a great pain threshold, I felt hardly any pains. I just felt afterwards that I had just completed a gym workout, and l felt more invigorated than tired and pained.

The results
Depending on the skin’s quality, results are visible with up to three body treatments, but you can feel the results after the first treatment. A great treatment that I was really delighted with. I actually do see a visible difference in my cellulite and my legs and buttocks are noticeably more toned, firmer and the skin softer.

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